The Pacifique Foundation

About Fondation Pacifique

Fondation Pacifique is a Swiss, Geneva-based non-profit organization formally recognized as being of public utility. Since its establishment in 2007, it has been developing, organizing and carrying out theme-based expeditions combining a blend of scientific research programmes, and cultural, socio-educational and environmental awareness projects on its sailing ship Fleur de Passion, a 33-metre ketch. Its ambition is to contribute to a better understanding of human impact on the ocean, and to prompt us to think about man’s place on “planet ocean” by enabling anyone with an interest to enlist as a member of the crew and take part in the expedition. Expeditions carried out on Fleur de Passion are marked by a multidisciplinary approach based on experience sharing, and are accompanied by projects designed to communicate with the wider public, especially at ports of call. Its most important project so far, The Ocean Mapping Expedition, a journey around the world following in the wake of Ferdinand Magellan, which is scheduled to take four years (2015-2019), will be an exceptional, one-of-a- kind opportunity to observe and map the state of the ocean today, echoing the spirit in which the Portuguese adventurer and his crew embarked on their journey almost 500 years ago..