Ship's log

For those of you Capetownians who had scheduled next Thursday 21st February as the opportunity to say goodbye to the expedition, sorry to announce that the departure of Fleur de Passion has been delayed due to yet another technical problem of the synchrolift at the V&A Waterfront shipyard where the boat was lifted out of the water for hull maintenance. Because of this problem, Fleur is simply stuck on her lift. We hope the shipyard will fix the bug very soon so that the crew can complete the logistical preparation before departure. Thank you for your understanding.

Change of timing for The Ocean Mapping Expedition: Since December 20, 2018, Fleur de Passion has been moored at the Quay 6 of Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town's tourist and port district, some 10 days ahead of schedule. The reason: to avoid being forced by a weather and winds that would have made impossible the delicate exit of the Royal Cape Yacht Club on the date initially planned, January 2, knowing that the boat was imperatively to be at Waterfront for January 3, date of the beginning of public events organized as part of the stopover.

Right in front of the imposing Table Bay Hotel and with this spectacular Table Mountain by its starboard, with a port view of Jetty 2 and its charming Luggage Hall which will soon host the exhibition "Our Spice Islands" », Fleur de Passion and its crew are thus preparing for the sequence that will open soon, dedicated to this other mission of the expedition: to raise awareness of the issues of sustainable development.

To have a look at the January program of events. clich here.

Done! Fleur de Passion safely docked at the Royal Cape Yacht Club on 14th Friday 2018 early morning, putting an end to her 2-month navigation from Durban. The winds conditions were good, which is not always the case in this season of the year. That was one of the critical parameters. And after a visual assessment on site by Pietro the skipper and his first mate Sebastien the day before, while Fleur had temporarily berthed at V&A Waterfront, the boat smoothly sneaked her way through the narrow channels of the marina and reached her assign pontoon with the help to the club’s personal.

Thanks to RCYC for its warm welcome. And well done to the crew!