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The expression could not have been more appropriate: the arrival of Swiss sailboat Fleur de Passion in Cape Town earned the from page of the Cape Times daily newspaper on December 19, the day after the press conference organized at the Royal Cape Yacht Club to mark the stopover of the expedition. Beyond this spectacular and so rewarding headlines, many other print, radio and TV media like SABC News that have covered the event in its many facets.
The South African media in particular focused on aspects of the country-related expedition: the boarding of four students for a week earlier in Mossel Bay as part of a project organized by CapeNature governmental organization with the support of the Swiss embassy; or the « residence on bord » of cartoonist Anton Kannenmeyer, some of whose drawings illustrated the interview he gave in the December 21 edition of Die Burger, the newspaper in Afrikaans.
As for the foreign press, the Cape Town correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was unsurprisingly interested in the German ship's past. Would you be too? Then have a look here at the 8’ video telling the quite stunning history of 33m-long and now biggest sailboat under Swiss flag.