In Magellan's mirror

The cultural programme "Dans le miroir de Magellan" entails receiving Swiss and international cartoonists who take turns to come aboard for one to three weeks in order to recount the expedition and life on board in the form of a travel story.

Artists "in residence" on Fleur de Passion

Cartoonists, artists or even naturalist painters have taken turns "in residence" on board the Fleur de Passion to offer their own account of today's world in the light of Magellan's expedition of 500 years ago. In some way they are perpetuating an ancient tradition whereby in past expeditions, marine painters were taken on board and tasked with immortalizing the expedition's footprint at a time when there was no other medium for doing so – no photography, video, audio…

Today, the input from these artists is much richer and no longer merely documentary. As full-time players in The Ocean Mapping Expedition, each one takes a personal look – whether realistic or surreal, serious or light-hearted – at a world that is changing or staying the same, depending on the region of the world. Through the prism of their sensitivity they recount the unfolding human adventure from the inside, thereby shining a light on the environmental issues at the heart of the expedition.

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